Unboxing Samsung LCD TV Series 3

Tirando da caixa uma TV LCD Samsung Series 3 330 LN26A330J1 26 polegadas. Unboxing a LCD TV Samsung Series 3 330 LN26A330J1 26 inches.

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  1. mw2freak55 disse:

    @FlashVideosDigital oh, ok, btw, i notice that in some channels its says sap, which is like setting it in the original tv channel or program language/audio, how can i activate that function?

  2. FlashVideosDigital disse:

    @mw2freak55 I’ve never used them, but I think they are for control/activate interactive multimedia resources available in some territories. Or Samsung uses the same remote for many models of TV, and the buttons have some function in another models. Sorry for the very bad english…

  3. mw2freak55 disse:

    @FlashVideosDigital , what does the color buttons on the bottom of the controller are ? what do they do, they are not shown in the guide…

  4. mw2freak55 disse:

    @tien714 no go for the 32″ one! i have a really smal room and its perfect

  5. yayafitini disse:

    @maltyful. are you getting paid to bash samsung or what? you everywhere with the same comment. i got a samsung today and the tv is really good so please shut your pussy hole. it might be bad for you and so?
    get a life. let me guess you take dick in your ass. i bet

  6. maltyful disse:

    MOD455 & DARK DAVE are two DUMB ASS funny boys that are too DUMB to do the google search on SAMSUNG TV CLICKING to read the TRUTH about samsungs GARBAGE tvs and how they SCREW their customers.

  7. MOD455 disse:

    stfu i am with dark syde dane side. even tho i don’t know him.he is right. stfy you little dumb niqqua ass hole.you know nothing you say this cause you have a junky 1 inch tv ass hole

  8. maltyful disse:


  9. DarkSydeDave disse:

    @maltyful wow stfu u dumb little nigger i hope you burn in a fire

  10. FlashVideosDigital disse:

    @blamethedogs No 🙁

  11. blamethedogs disse:

    Can you plug headphones into it??

  12. maltyful disse:

    Put that crap back in the box and return it to the store !! Don’t let samsung shamyou.
    Put “SAMSUNG TV CLICKING” into a google search and read about thousands of samsung customers that are screwed and pissed off because their tvs took a dump just after the warrantys expired. Samsung used cheap junk parts that burnt out. Do the google search before U buy so you won’t be the next SAMSUNG SUCKER !!

  13. FlashVideosDigital disse:

    Depends the size of the bedroom…
    Must be enough! 😀

  14. tien714 disse:

    is a 26 inch big enough for a bedroom?

  15. BRIANdeASIAN disse:

    will this tv work without speakers just the tv volume

  16. incubust8y disse:

    your settings please?

  17. Luca90099 disse:

    why??? imao???

  18. Luca90099 disse:

    i have a samsung 350 B 32” tv ;D

  19. Incubusnut disse:

    I have this TV myself. Very nice.

  20. EZOair disse:

    i have it

  21. hfiles23 disse:

    lmao 1:51 he drops it

  22. xandbru disse:

    Amigo essa tv eh boa? tem angulo de visão legal? como eh a qualidade da imagem se ligar no pc? grato

  23. Marcotonio disse:

    Já posso dizer aos meus netos que vi um unboxing de TV de 6 minutos. 😀

  1. junho 28, 2010

    Unboxing Samsung LCD TV Series 3: Tirando da caixa uma TV LCD Samsung Series 3 330 LN26A330J1 26 polegadas. Unboxi… https://bit.ly/99txf2

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