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  1. eVhisGoD1 disse:

    We dont want to see your mouse pad, mouse, keyboard, or PC… we want to see the fucking monitor.

  2. ShaneLeonardoPannell disse:

    The screen is Matt! it is a matt finish not gloss.

  3. JuliaRS1991 disse:

    hi did your audio just come out of the monitor or did you have to configure something?
    i just got one and plug in both ps3 and xbox 360 no audio comes out

  4. NinjaISwill disse:

    So…. you a big fan of paparazzi? You can hear it near the end lol!

  5. noahsscott disse:

    Simply the best.

  6. BetterDayz19 disse:

    @UNBRELAAA12 the hell does that even mean? there are glossy screens and matte finish. are you really that lazy to answer the question properly?

  7. evildwarf disse:

    @xraeptiem Cool opinion, bro.

  8. Dogswithguns disse:


  9. irontiger disse:

    @dougfunny89 The screen is matte.

  10. dArKmIsChIeF disse:

    @dougfunny89 it is definitely matte. look at when he shined his flashlight at the monitor. if it was glossy you would get massive glare.

  11. tosh61 disse:

    @UNBRELAAA12 its matte like a normal lcd, not one with the shiny (as in fingerprint prone cover) gloss finish. although the author said thats its glossy in a different comment.

  12. dsilver010010 disse:

    @dougfunny89 i am pretty sure it is a matte screen i saw a review from someone who seemed to know their shit, on a similar model the ms236h

  13. xraeptiem disse:

    Glossy Screen>Matte screen

  14. flashfith disse:


  15. Danny13243 disse:

    Your a dumbass. The screen is also glossy fyi

  16. mostafa81 disse:

    is the screen glossy???

  17. pietjanhenk disse:


  18. Nutriment6464 disse:

    nub build

  19. HoodaThunket disse:

    your system is disgustingly dirty. you can see the dust build up on your fans and case vents yet you have plastic over your keyboard. so your anal about your keyboard and care nothing about the actual system itself. you spend more time showing off your other gear than the monitor. you didnt even speak. epic fail.

  20. UNBRELAAA12 disse:

    the screen is like any other LCD

  21. dougfunny89 disse:

    I know that the outer edge monitor is glossy. but I need to know if the SCREEN is matte or glossy. Please respond.

  22. UNBRELAAA12 disse:

    is glossy

  23. dougfunny89 disse:

    is the screen matte or glossy? please respond!

  24. bxfabolous disse:

    this is gay why dose he still have the plastic on his keyboard

  25. Codemned disse:

    a review of the monitor would be great 🙂

  1. junho 30, 2010


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